You’d Be Surprised To Discover What Doctors Found In This Man’s Arm for 51 Years

Real estate agent Arthur Lampitt from Illinois is a very healthy man. He has not had any major health concerns except for a car accident he figured at in 1963. He was on his way to show a house to a potential client when he crashed his Thunderbird head-on into a truck. He suffered a broken hip and cuts on his arm, which was splintered with glass from the T-bird.

As the story goes, Arthur healed completely and in 1965 married his wife Betty.  He has lived an active life, which was generally devoid of any other major incidents. Except for that one time he went to Illinois around a decade ago. Arthur was about to enter the courthouse in Jerseyville for work but to his surprise, he set off the metal detector. When he had his arm checked, the doctor then saw an object around the same size as a pencil in the X-ray. But at that time, he was advised to let it be as it hasn’t prevented him use of his arm.

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But in 2014, Arthur had a problem with his arm. He was in one of the rental houses he’s fixing up for a client when he had difficulty moving his arm to transfer cement blocks. There was a sharp tingling inside his arm and his hand began to bulge, forcing him to bring it once again to a doctor, who suggested surgery.

Less than an hour in the operating room, Dr. Timothy Lang of the City Place Sugery Center pulled out the object lodged in Arthur’s arm. It was the T-bird turn signal level. The seven-inch object had already been covered with a protective pocket due to the years it stayed inside his arm. According to Lang, “We see al kinds of foreign objects like nails or pellets, but usually not this large.” He added, “Usually not a turn signal from a 1963 T-Bird.” He also noted that Arthur was fortunate not to have his arm infected.

With the object finally out, Arthur cannot wait to go back to work on the house he’s been fixing. As for the lever, he mentioned he’d turn it into a memento, a keychain or a display. “We’ll figure out something, I am sure,” he promised.

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