Woman’s Runny Nose Turned Out To Be Leaking Brain Fluid

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A 35-year-old mother of three, Aundrea Aragon, suffered from “runny nose” for weeks and was diagnosed with severe allergies. After four months of walking around with paper towels stuffed up her nose, she grew concerned.

It wasn’t even dripping, it was pouring out of my nose,” said Aragon “If I looked down or bent over, it would literally pore out of the left side of my nose. I had no control at all.”

The doctor tested the fluid that was coming out of her nose and it turned out that it was her cerebrospinal fluid that was leaking- a rare disease where only 1 out of 100,000 patients may get it. The surgeons in University Of Arizona (UA) later on discovered two small cracks on her sphenoid sinus which caused the cerebral pressure.

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Although the human brain replaces brain fluid, CSF patients can suffer from infection, such as meningitis, that may later on cause coma or death.

University of Arizona surgeons were able to fix Aragon’s condition without using any incisions by performing endoscopic procedure through her nose to locate the cracks. Then they repair the cracks using the tissue from her nose and small portion of her belly fat.

Aragon is now recovering and will be monitored several times every year to make sure that she doesn’t spring a new leak.


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