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Ways to Creating a Worthy and Fun Stay cation

Almost everyone agrees that the main point of having a vacation is to unwind, explore, and step out of life’s everyday routines. But if you want to have that dream vacation without the hassle of long ticketing lines, going through airport security, traffic and other bunch of nuisances, then a stay cation is going to be the best bet for you. And this stay cation is far from the one where you’ll just go on couch surfing or movie bingeing the entire day. This is a stay cation that will let you experience your city in a whole new light. So this is to share 10 tips that will make your stay cation as worthy and fun as any other out of town trip.

1. Get a hotel at the city you’re already in.

There is no way that a staycation will feel real if you’ll only end up at your very own bed at night. Checking in at a local hotel is the best way to stir that vacation vibe on.

2. Play photographer.

Vacations and Instagram go together almost like peanut butter and jelly, and really, there isn’t any reason why you can’t go photo crazy in your very own city. Yes, so go ahead, get clicking and get Instagram-happy.

3. Act tourist-y.

It may sound cheesy, but there are a lot of things to be learned on the city you’re based on. Discover new places, hidden architectures, and sumptuous food all in the city you call home.

4. Eat breakfast in bed.

Vacations are all for comfort and relaxation, and nothing screams leisure more than breakfast served in bed accompanied by the daily paper, a good cup of coffee, and yes, those soft, fluffy pillows.

5. Don’t wait in lines.

The best thing about stay cations is that you already know the places that are not filled with milling people. If you still want to go to a foodie hotspot, just make sure that you get there during off-peak hours to avoid the rush.

6. Try a new restaurant.

With your busy schedule, it’s pretty sure that you don’t always get to have the luxury to try new things. And now that you’re on a stay cation, you can already try that new restaurant that you’ve always been curious upon.

7. Take a class.

This is the perfect time to learn some new skills. Take a crash course in whipping up a new meal, or try a new work-out style. Who knows maybe you’ll discover a new interest that will last even after your stay cation is over.

8. Eat family style.

Check out meal sharing, or make new friends by eating out family-style.

9. Try out new coffee shops.

Mornings get more serene with a fresh cup of coffee. Use your stay cation as an opportunity to discover more cozy and comfy coffee nooks that you can go to whenever you feel like it next time.

10. Treat yourself to a spa day.

Pamper yourself by creating your very own spa day. Get relaxed and comfortable so you’ll be ready to battle yet another day after.

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