Vet Played Santa And Performed 6k-worth Surgery To Dog For Free

Giving up your pet, which has become a part of your family, is very heartbreaking. But a couple from Pembroke Pines in South Florida was left with no choice when their dachshund got sick and required a very expensive operation.

Lola has been with David and Sumey Hageman for 4 years when she was diagnosed with a slipped disc a few weeks before Christmas. After having her checked, they were informed that the surgery to correct her would cost $6,000, a staggering amount for the couple. Seeing as the injury was hurting Lola more, the Hagemans decided to give their dog to an animal rescue group, which they believed could help her more.

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Veterinarian Michael Wong from the Southeast Veterinary Neurology was about to perform the surgery when he learned the real reason Lola was given to the shelter. He knew that owners who give up their dogs are not allowed to see them anymore. But Wong felt that the Hagemans’ reason was not enough for them to lose a beloved family member. So he spoke with the officials of the organization to ask permission to return Lola after he would do the surgery for free.

When they agreed, Wong reached out to David and told him of the plan, which he kept secret from his wife. Sumey went to the vet clinic on Christmas Eve to visit Lola for the last time and there got the biggest surprise of her life.

“This is the best Christmas gift I could have gotten,” she said after Wong delivered her the news. She also described giving Lola up as “the hardest decision” she’s ever made.

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When Wong saw the reaction from the couple, he knew he made the right decision and was so happy for their reunion.

“Basically it’s like having your whole family back together for Christmas,” said David. “It’s amazing.” They thought they would never see Lola again but because of Dr. Wong’s kind heart, she is finally back with her family and seemed to be recovering pretty well.

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