Vacuum-Loving Teen With Autism Got Special Birthday Demo From Favorite Brand


Dylan Johnson was never into “normal” toys, said his mother Jodie Greene. The teen, who has autism, have always been fond of vacuum cleaners even at the tender age of two.

His favorite then was the family’s own vacuum cleaner from Kirby.

Since Dylan was turning 14, his mother wanted to do something special for him and decided to come up with a vacuum-themed party, complete with a vacuum-designed cake.

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Everything would be perfect for the boy who loved vacuums. Well, almost.

Because Jodie wanted it to be perfect for her only son, she went the extra mile and sent an email to Kirby Company, the Cleveland-based maker of vacuum cleaners.

Her letter read:

“I am reaching out to you in hopes for an answer to an unusual request for my son who is autistic. He has always been obsessed with vacuum cleaners. His favorite is the Kirby. He spends every hour every day watching videos on his tablet about different Kirby’s. When he isn’t watching videos about them, he is talking about them. I really would LOVE to get a demo done for him for his birthday. In fact, I am even getting him a cake made that looks like a Kirby vacuum. I am writing to you in hopes that you can get me in touch with a way to get him his demo. I want to be clear that I do not intend on purchasing a Kirby. I was hoping that I could pay a flat fee or thought that maybe if you have salesmen in training that needs to get in practice demos for training purposes. I do not want anything free, but as the mother of a special needs child, it is so hard to find things to make my son happy. I know that having this demo done would just be so awesome, and it would warm my heart to see him so excited to experience that.” 

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Kirby replied to her email by sending vacuum salesman veteran Al Archie to the teen’s birthday party for a demo.

But the surprise did not end there, the company sent with Archie a vacuum cleaner gift just for Dylan himself.

Everyone was so moved to see Dylan so happy with the gift. But while the teen was enjoying with his new “toy,” another man in the party was also amazed.

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Archie, who did the demo, was surprised to know that Dylan “knew more about the Kirby” than he did. “I imagine it was like a sports fan meeting one of his idols, like Michael Jordan,” the salesman remarked.

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