Unbelievable Reaction Of A Lioness To A Man Who Saved Her Life

In 2009, a lion named Sirga was yet days old when she was pushed out of the pride by her own mother whose milk had dried up. She was nearly dying when Valentin Gruener and Mikkel Legarth found him in the wilderness. For the following month, with the help of a veterinarian, Valentin and Mikkel were able to formulate their own brand milk for Sirga.

lioness 1image source

“We made her milk from scratch – fresh eggs, cream, milk, vitamins, sunflower oil and calcium – luxurious meal for a little lion.” 

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Valentin sleep with Sirga for several nights until he was sure that the cub will survive. In no time the cub build a deep connection with his caretaker. She too eventually gained strength enough for her to be released back to the wild.

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After almost two-and-half years of being released in the wild, Valentin returns to the open and guess who came to ‘greet’ him with 110 kg hug?

Check this video of Sirga and Valentin’s heartwarming reunion.

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