Turn Your Old Stuff Into Upcycled Treasures In 8 Ways

Furnishing your home is always a fun thing to do. However, it could also cost you a fortune.

But designing your dream home does not always need to be expensive. While it’s a lot easier to buy bookshelves and a couch from a furniture store, sometimes, making your own fittings could be bring a unique and original touch to your home. Not only is turning old equipment into new furniture pieces a good way to help you get rid of extra stuff, it could be pretty inexpensive too.

1. Suitcase Sofa and Table

For that rustic feel, turn your old sturdy suitcases into a chair by adding cushions and legs. Put it in a corner with a nice view and you got yourself a pretty neat reading nook.

upcycled treasures 1image source

2. Pallet Bed

This is a good way to upcycle those wooden pallets in your barn. Just get a mattress and put it on top of two pallets placed side to side and voila! You have yourself a cool place to sleep. For a unique touch, add lights on the hollows of the pallet and you won’t need a lampshade for your bedroom anymore.

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3. Tree Stump Table

Don’t know what to do with those old tree stumps? Clean them up and transform them into a cool coffee table at home. Just don’t forget to spray with anti-termite solution so it could last you years.

upcycled treasures 3image source

4. Ladder Bookshelf

Tired of bulky bookcases that eat up space at home? Try a ladder instead. Mount up the ladder horizontally on your wall and you now have a space-saving area for your books.

upcycled treasures 4image source

5. Old Wine Bottles Chandelier

Want to keep your old wine bottles as a remembrance of the times you got drunk? Here’s a classy and bright way (literally) for you to keep them at home.

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6. Book Terrarium

If you’re not the bookworm type but could not bear to give away old books, turn your hardcover editions into a fancy terrarium.

upcycled treasures 6image source

7. Bathtub Sofa

So you prefer a modern bath than the old four-clawed bathtub? No problem! Turn your old bathroom fixture into a groovy love seat. Perfect for a garden chair or even a living room sofa.

upcycled treasures 7image source

8. Door Table

Transform your old door into a coffee table and make it the perfect companion to your bathtub sofa.

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