Top New Year’s Resolutions

It is this time of the year again. The time when everyone is forced to look back and to look forward has come. We frown on our mistakes and celebrate the victories. Another milestone is set and we promise to do better.

Whatever goals you had in mind, make sure you get some really good improvements in these areas:

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It is never a mistake to bank on your health.  It is about time you get into that shape you had in mind. Set your schedule and make time for some jogging around the park.

After all that food stuffed in you after the holiday’s celebration, you might think that the year is better spent on any food you want to eat. Eat the healthy kind of food. There is nothing like wellness that is birthed from the inside.



Everybody is guilty of having poor management of time. Everyone has wasted and will waste time at some his life. Focus on the things that matter. Give time to what is important.

Know the activities that you do with passion. Do those things that you do because you weren’t required to. Set your goals. Pursue your passion. Handle time efficiently.



If there is one safe safety net, that will be your emotional network. You don’t need to be crying all the time; neither should you be depressed to have one. The friends you are surrounded with will increase your capacity to experience life down to the last drop.

Keep a couple of level-minded friends who constantly challenge you to be better at what you do. Keep in touch with family members as no other support will matter more in times of a great breakdown. Communicate intentionally. A five-minute-regular report about the humdrums of life has great long term effect.


Stop doing the things you hate

You have one good enough reason to follow this advice: You hate it.

Character might be strengthened by doing things that doesn’t interest you. Things that you only do as means to get by might be a good choice to, that’s it, get by.



Grand things occur every once in a while. It is a peak we either reach for or get down from. Consistency is the key. Mountains go up and down. It is the hiker’s stamina and baggage that determines the hike.

Simplifying your life gets you focused on things that matter. It allows you to focus on things that you really value.

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