They Told Her She Would Not Be Able To Walk Again, She Would Not Take No For An Answer

Perhaps one of the most important walks a woman would take in her whole lifetime is her walk down the aisle to meet her future husband.

And Tami Martin was determined not to let anyone or anything get in the way of her taking that most important walk. Not her doctors and most especially not even her injury.

tami martin 1*photo by: Disney Fine Art Photography and Videography

Tami is paralyzed waist down. She lost the feel of her legs after she figured in an accident in 1999. She broke her back in what seemed to be a minor accident that had a major impact in her life.

While there were no scars or any marks in her body that would say she’s been in an accident, doctors told her she won’t be able to walk again.

It never bothered Tami if she couldn’t make use of her legs on her own, she has a walker that helps her get around. But only for short distances as it tires her easily.

While the 44-year old woman used to be fit before her accident, she gained weight while undergoing intensive physical therapy. At one point, she reached 309 pounds and had a very difficult time moving around. Because of this, she broke her leg and had to stop her rehabilitation sessions.

However, when Tami met Rob Dietrich, it became a different ball game. They met online and Rob had no idea then that she was paralyzed waist down until they officially met. When Rob proposed, Tami knew she had to get better and back in shape in time for her wedding.

tami martin 2*photo source: Martin Dietrich via

Nothing could break Tami’s resolve to get better. With the help of a surgical procedure, she slimmed down and went back to begin her rehab sessions. Though not at all positive that she could walk down the 69-feet long aisle, her therapists met with her for three weeks for intensive therapy sessions.

Tami wouldn’t take no for an answer. And with a gait trainer hidden under her dress, she walked the whole 69-foot long aisle to meet her teary-eyed fiancé on the most important day of her life. When she reached the altar, no eye remained dry in the room.

When the bride was asked what kept her going during that walk, she said it was her ‘faith in God’ that allowed her to walk 69 feet in the public for the first time in 15 years.

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