Thanks to A Very Brilliant Idea a Disabled Tortoise was Able to Walk Again!

Schildi, a disabled tortoise who was rescued by veterinarians after his owners left him to die, is now walking again through a Leggo wheel.

When Schildi arrived at the Bird Consulting International in Germany, veterinarians noticed his severely damanged leg which they think as caused by an accident.


“He was in pretty bad shape when they brought him to us. The lower part of his front leg was missing, and the upper part was very bad, with bone showing, and maggots in necrotic flesh.” Dr. Panagiotis Azmanis, veterinarian, said on an interview for The Local.

After successfully amputating his leg, veterinarians replace it with a artificial one.

“Tortoises need to run free in gardens, so he needed a prosthetic,” said Azmanis.

After few days of observation they noticed that Schildi had a hard time adapting with the double-wheel structure of his new prosthetics. So Azmanis came up with an idea of replacing his prosthetics with a Leggo wheel.


“First we fitted a double wheel but it was difficult for him to turn corners so we replaced it with a single wheel and that is much better for him,” Azmanis said.

The Leggo wheel is proven to be successful. Schildi is now back on move and recovering.

“We will see him again once in a while for check-ups,” Azmanis said. “If he gets a ‘flat tyre’ it will be a simple matter to replace the wheel. They move around quite a lot so I’d expect to see him for a new wheel about once a year.” he added.

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