Time Traveling Is For Real! These Ten (Celebrity) Time Traveling Photos Will Surely Shock Your Imagination, Especially #4!

Nicolas Cage

Are you one of the many that still believe that time traveling is impossible? Better think again! These ten photos of famous celebrities doing time travel will surely change the way you think about it. Ready? Read on!

1. Paul Mournet, born in 1847 was declared dead at the year of 1922. We can see him alive and well (sometimes at a public transport) today though. His new name, KEANU REEVES.

Keanu Reeves

2. Two great photos of John Travolta. The first photo was taken in 1890 (22 years old) and the other photo was taken 2009. Guess his age by now.

John Travolta

3. Nicolas Cage was once famous (1870) for sporting a very trendy bow tie at all occasions. Today he is a very bankable Hollywood actor.

Nicolas Cage

4. Leonardo DiCaprio, at the early sixties, is known as Judy Zipper. Yes, he is a female back then. Take a look!

Leonardo DiCaprio

5. Imagine if Sylvester Stallone is a Pope of today’s generation! Hard to imagine right? But wait, he was indeed a POPE back then! Sly was Pope Gregory IX!


6. Brad Pitt and Union General Isaac Stevens. They are very much look alike right? Well, they are just the same person! Hint: time travel folks.

Bradd Pitt

7. Even Jay-Z time travelled! Here’s a photo of him in Brooklyn back in 1939. I wonder if Beyonce is around too by this very moment.

Jay Z

8. Nicolae Grigorescu and Orlando Bloom. The hair of them doesn’t lie. Nicolae Grigorescu is indeed Orlando Bloom!

Orlando Bloom

9. Wonder why Bruce Willis is very much effective in some war scenes/movies? It’s because, it’s within his blood! Bruce Willis is General Doug MacArthur way back World War II.

Bruce Willis

10. Eddie Murphy’s photo way back 1920s.



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