Teacher Stopped A Shooting Incident With A Hug

A Nevada gym teacher risked her own life to stop 14-year-old student who allegedly shooting his classmates.

On March 14, 2006, Tuesday, three gun shots were fired in the halls of Pine Middle School by James Scott Newman, 14 years old, and injured two classmates—hitting one boy in the upper arm and one girl in the knee—- with a .38 caliber revolver that belonged to his parents. Several teachers, including physical education Jencie Fagan, heard the gunshot and immediately checked what was going on.

hug1image source *this is not an actual photo during the incident

“As soon as I came to the doors of the cafeteria from the gym, he discharged the weapon once and I looked at what was going on,” Fagan said on an interview for Good Morning America.

Fagan persuaded the boy to put down the gun and held him in between her arms until other staff arrived to help.

“He tossed the gun down, and then I hugged him and I told him I wouldn’t leave him.” Fagan said.

The injured students, Alexander Rueda and Kenzie McKeon, had no prior relationship or arguments with Newman. After being question by the police, Newman revealed that he use the shooting as a way to end abuse from his father, brother and others. He claims that he was tired of being called “stupid”.

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Newman was charged with attempted murder with $150,000 bail. He was trialed as an adult. He was later plead guilty to different charges of two counts of battery with deadly weapon in which he had sentencing as a juvenile.

On March 25, 2008, Fagan heroic act was recognized. She was chosen as one of the three national winners and the Nevada finalist for an Above & Beyond Citizen Honor from the congressional Medal of Honor Society in the Washington, D.C. ceremony.


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