A Story Of A Mother And Daughter’s Fight Against A Rare Condition

Fiona Winters, 42 year-old, already had 26 broken bones since she was born. She has a genetic disorder called osteogenesis imperfecta — a condition that makes the bone brittle.

To make her body strong, Fiona undergone swimming lesson, although it didn’t stop her bone from breaking. Just in 30 years, she had her bones broken 150 times and she stopped growing at 114 cm tall.

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Fiona was determined not to let anything, even her condition, hold her back. She studied medical science and work at a hospital in the antenatal clinic. After two years of being couple, she married Ross — now 45, has been in wheelchair since he was 8 because of a malformation in his spine. They were long told that they were unlikely to have kids but fortunately Fiona gave birth to three beautiful children: 9-year-old Annabelle, 7-year-old Olivia, and 4-year-old Harry.

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They went through a lot of challenges as a married couple. When Fiona was pregnant with her daughter Olivia, test had confirmed that she inherited her mother’s condition. But miraculously, she was born without any fracture.

When Olivia reached nine months old, doctors suggested a new type of drug called bisphosphonate — a drug widely used to treat patients with osteoporosis and similar condition.

“It prevents the loss of bone mass” the doctor explained.

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The drug had remarkable effect on Olivia. Her cheeks become rosy and she began gaining weight. After three months she was finally strong enough to crawl.

Even though her progress was slow, Olivia has started school and had vowed to be the perfect sister to her brother Harry.

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