The Story Of A Law Student Who Was Given $20,000 At Ellen DeGeneres Show. She is Very Deserving!


Dana Tapper, a Third-year law student from University of Virginia School of Law, dedicates much of her time volunteering for less fortunate. Every week she spends time volunteering at the JustChildren program at the Legal Aid Justice Center, which focuses on improving Virginia’s public education, juvenile justice and foster care systems. She is also a member of the Law School’s Child Advocacy Clinic, which provides legal assistance to low-income children who have problems with the education, foster care and juvenile justice systems.

I want to be an advocate for kids,” Tapper said during her interview at The Ellen DeGeneres Show. “I’ve met some of the most incredible people. They have just this incredible untapped potential. I would like to help them realize it.

Tapper was featured at The Ellen DeGeneres Show with the help of her friend, Kathryn Cragg, who is also a third-year law student. On Cragg letter for DeGeneres she said:


I’ve known Dana Tapper for two years and we attend the University of Virginia School of Law. Most law students are lured in by promises of large corporate salaries to help pay off their debt, but Dana has been steadfast in her commitment to helping those less fortunate. She spends many hours every week helping children transitioning out of juvenile detention centers. Dana also has the ability to bond with everyone she meets. She is maxed out on student loans but she somehow still manages to find cheap SAT books online for students who can’t afford them. I can’t think of anyone more giving, loving and deserving.

Shutterfly, an Internet-based image publishing service based in Redwood City, California, present Tapper with $20,000 through DeGeneres after hearing about her efforts to help children in need.

Tapper is the first college graduate in her family and she is hoping to work on behalf of children after she graduates from law school.

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