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Slither Your Way To A Youthful Skin With The New “Snail” Facial Treatment

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Most snails are found slithering in the garden or at most, served as escargots in French restaurants. These mollusks are so common and dirty looking that the last thing you would think they are for is for beautification.

However, with spa treatments getting weirder by the minute, such as the infamous snake massage, it is now not a surprise that even these creatures from the slug family has found another purpose away from the earth and plants – younger looking skin.

The treatment began in France when some experts claimed that the slimy essence or “goo” which comes from the gastropods is effective in removing dead skin and even the toxins that lie under the dermal layers of it.

It is said that the snail essence has anti-aging properties. Apart from that it is also effective in keeping the skin moisturized and hydrated.

The treatment involves putting a special kind of cream on one’s face while in a clinic that offers the service. After which, half a dozen snails are then placed on the face and allowed to crawl and slide up and down on it.

The mollusks’ tiny teeth scratch the skin, peeling off dead cells that are ready to come off while delivering the essence that was said to keep skin plump, firm and soft.

While the facial treatment is fairly new, it is said that the use of snail essence dates back to the ancient Greek times. Stories told of Hippocrates crushing snails and mixing it with milk to alleviate inflammation of the skin.

Nowadays, aside from the facial, the essence of snails are added as a special ingredient to lotions, creams and serums that are intended to help delay skin aging. Not only that but other experts say that this “goo” from the gastropods are also effective in lightening acne, burns and stretch marks.

The whole procedure does not last longer than 5 minutes but one should be prepared to shell out an extra amount for the treatment.

In Japan, a specialized clinic called the Ci:z.Labo offers the facial for the price of 10,500 yen or $106 dollars. But for those who want to try the procedure but with a smaller budget, head on to Thailand’s Chang Mai district. One could avail the service there for as low as $30.

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