“Sky Is His Canvas”. Check This Artist Who Turn Clouds Into Illustrations

Most of us probably had look up the sky and thought: “That cloud looks like a bird” or “That cloud looks like an elephant” or “That cloud looks like an elephant with wings” etc.


Martin Feijoó aka Tincho, The Cloud Shaper, took pictures of clouds during his last trip in Mexico and made an illustration based on it. He said, when he was a child someone told him that clouds’ shapes were created by expert balloon twister clowns who live in the sky to entertain children like him. From then on whenever he is traveling, He will take pictures of clouds then draw the first thing that comes out of his mind on it.


Rock The Weird Dog
canvas51 canvas52


Big Head Duck


canvas31 canvas32


Long Neck Platypus
canvas21 canvas22



To see more of Martin Feijoó’s artwork, please visit

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