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Single, Alone but Never Lonely: Why People Can Be Happy Even in their Lonesome

There will come a time in your life when you’ll need to stop thinking about just yourselves and instead be productive members of the society you belong to. That fact is quite inevitable. When that happens, you’ll have to start working, take care of your own bills, pay your taxes, and start thinking of getting into more serious relationships. But while working, taxes and bills all go hand in hand; do you really need to get yourself in a relationship with another individual?

They say being in a blissful relationship, or marriage is an important life milestone—something to be desired. Your life won’t be complete without you finding the “One”. You see those everywhere; people in-love ending up together. It’s in the movies, on the streets, on videos being uploaded on every social media site there is. Yes, that’s a happy thing, being in love and loved in return. But it’s not the end of the world, if you have not found your “love” just yet. In fact, there are thousands of individuals who have not made relationships as their top priority, and yet they are thriving just as well in life. It’s not that they’re anti-social or something, it turns out that they just really prefer to do things on their own and not depend on someone else in order to accomplish something or be productive.

Being independent is not something to be ashamed of—in fact, it should be very well celebrated. Some people just don’t need other people, and that’s perfectly okay. If it’s a solo lifestyle they want, then people should give them the space they need. Below are some signs that tell the world that you prefer riding solo:

1. Your weekends are your own—free of plans, of responsibilities, and free of socializing. You prefer couch surfing alone and order Chinese takeout on a Saturday night instead of hitting the bars with a bunch of friends.

2. You have no qualms of going to the movies alone. Some people just can’t tolerate eating alone in public, let alone go to the movies without a companion. In your case, well, you’re all for it!

3. You can drink booze alone. They say it’s sad to drink all by yourself, but to you, that doesn’t apply at all. You can drink all the wine that you want and no one will judge you for it. Plus you won’t really have to worry about how you’ll go home after, because you are already home.

4. You love to travel solo and explore the ways of the world. The idea of just being by yourself is not at all scary or foreign to you—in fact you’re embracing it with much fervor. You can go where you want, see things and places you want without the need to consult anyone’s itinerary.

5. Driving alone is therapeutic to you. It gives you time to reflect on things that bother you or revisit the events of your day.

6. You don’t necessarily have a love affair with your phone, heck; you can just leave it at home and feel no remorse after. You don’t feel the need to constantly update your friends where you are or what you’re currently busy with. If there’s someone who hates pointless texting and phone call, that probably would be you.

7. You do not really love the idea of sharing beds (just yet).

8. You can be perennially absent in social media and you’ll still be fine with it.

9. You don’t like being clingy.

10. You can dine by yourself in public.

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