A Simple Christmas Wish Of A Boy With Cancer

Earlier this week, one of our humbled followers, Brianne Sparkman came to us to ask for help in fulfilling a simple Christmas wish of a 12-year-old boy named Andrew.

Andrew Russel 1

Andrew Russell was diagnosed with a rare type of brain tumor called ependymoma in 2006. Unlike any kids with long wishlist of toys, his only wish is to receive a mailbox full of Christmas cards. On the same year he was diagnosed, he made a call to 94.9 KLTY’s Christmas wish special to tell what he really wanted for Christmas. Although he never expected that his simple wish and story will capture the heart of Brianne Sparkman, who on that day was on her way to work and happened to be listening to the radio.

andrew russel 2

Brianne was heartbroken after hearing about what Andrew was going through so she decided to help the boy. She started small by collecting holiday cards.

“I collected [cards] from schools, churches, friends, family, chambers, police, fire, military and other places,” she said. “I was able to collect so many cards that I had about three boxes full when I showed up to grant his wish,” she said. “To this day, Andrew still has each of those cards.” She added.

andrew russel 3

Brianne’s campaign to help Andrew became even stronger on the following years. She signed Andrew to, a website that helps people to raise donations, where she encourages people to send contributions alongside with the holiday cards. According to her, the last eight years was tough for Andrew’s family. They are having hard time keeping up with the financial needs for Andrew’s treatments which insurance could not cover.

andrew russel 4image source

Even with the unfortunate events, Andrew and his family remained intact. They did not show any sign of weakness all throughout Andrew’s battle.

For those who are interested, you can send sweet boy Andrew a card or letter and mail it to this address:

Andrew Russell
PO Box 365
Point, TX 75472

For packages:

Andrew Russell
1117 Dove Trail
Quinlan, TX 75474


For donations:

And most importantly, Let’s all pray for Andrew and his family.

*Other Pictures are from Brianne Sparkman

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