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Simple Activities that Help Foster Creativity in Kids

Creativity goes far beyond the realms of art. It’s something vital for an assortment of matters such as communicating, problem-solving and creating. From engineers, medical researchers to entrepreneurs, everyone needs to be imaginative and original in order to be prolific. Being able to think outside the box has a bearing on so many professions and life situations.

That is why the importance of nurturing creativity among kids cannot be stressed enough. By allowing their developing minds to work in all sorts of ingenious and imaginative ways, brighter futures can be shaped. Luckily, inspiring and increasing creativity among kids can be really easy and fun, as evidenced by the following simple activities:

Protect the Planet

Every child dreams of possessing a superpower or two. Ask your little one which specific abilities he or she would like to have to save the planet. Together, create an eye-catching costume using all sorts of art materials lying around the house.

Bring Hollywood into the Home

Allow your kid to be the star or director of a short film. Work together and come up with the movie’s concept, storyline, dialogues and the title. Raid the closet for some costumes. Grab your smartphone with a video recording feature and shoot away! Afterwards, bring out the art materials to create posters and movie passes, and get ready for the premiere.

Learn Another Language

Allowing your child to learn a different language lets him or her discover the various patterns and sounds of words. Something as simple as introducing a new word a day and connecting it to a significant life event or moment can help get a young mind prepared for a global society.

Tell Some Tall Tales

Oftentimes, storytelling requires no videos or illustrated books. Spark your child’s imagination by asking him or her to tell a simple story, no matter how short or out of this world. Get the storytelling sessions rolling by pointing to items at home or bringing in objects obtained outside and let your kid rustle up some tales.

Use a Box to Let a Child Think Outside the Box

Hand your child a large box you can easily purchase at a moving-supplies store and give him or her the freedom to turn it into a spaceship, castle, cave, land vehicle, house, tent — anything he or she deems fit!

Turn Bad Photos into Art

Get your hands on really, really bad photos that no one would like to see. With your supervision, allow your little one to cut it up into pieces. Grab some glue and construction paper and instruct your child to whip up new and fantastical photos out of different body parts, objects, etc. Let his or her imagination work more by coming up with themes.

Get in Touch with Nature

Grab a brown paper bag and take a stroll with your child outside. Pick up interesting items along the way — shells, pebbles in fascinating shapes and colors, unusual-looking leaves, etc. When you get home, allow his or her imagination to spring into action by handing out some art supplies and turning those objects into decorative or functional items.

It’s for certain that there are so many other fun and interesting activities that you may do with your child that help nurture creative thinking. Do share some of the ones you and your little one find wonderful!


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