You Wouldn’t Believe What This 11 Years Old Sick Kid Has Done To Save Lives. What An Inspiring Bittersweet Story! Even The Chinese Doctors Bow Before His Body

Yaoyi Liang

This story/photo is circulating around the world wide web like a wildfire. At the below photo, you will see 11 doctors bowing down (as a sign of respect) to a 11 year’s old dead body while at the far side of it, you will see a woman (the mother) grieving and weeping about the situation. So, what’s the story behind this?

Chinese Doctors Bowing To Dead Body

A reddit user shared an English translation of a Chinese article/blog post about it. It says:

The boy’s name is Yaoyi Liang. He came to Shenzhen (close to Guangzhou) 2 years ago with his older brother and sister, who are seeking jobs in this metropolitan.

Yaoyi Liang

04/12/2014, his sister noticed Yaoyi was having slight movement disorder, and even fell out one time. Yaoyi was sent to hospital immediately next morning, the examination told that it was brain cancer. The family originally thought modern medical technology could save the little boy, however, after 2 surgeries on 04/16 and 05/08 respectively, things didn’t get any better.

Yaoyi had been dreaming to become an astronautic scientist/engineer before he was diagnosed the illness. However he changed his mind, he hoped that if he could recover, he would try his best to be a doctor to help relieving the pain of others. During the period, he showed incredible maturity, never really complains the pain but tried to comfort his mother.

When it came into June, Yaoyi himself seemed to realize it was coming to the end. He said to his mom:” if I can’t survive, please donate my body.” The family came from rural area in China, his mom who was under-educated, can’t really get what her boy was talking about. And then she realized. At the beginning, his sister was strongly against the idea, as per Chinese tradition, it is peaceful only when whole body is buried. After some time, the family understood, that was also another form of living in this world.

06/06, 11:45 AM, Guangzhou Zhongshan 1st Hospital, relatives of Yaoyi were called;

4:35 pm, Yaoyi peacefully passed away.

Yaoyi peacefully passed away

5:19pm, Yaoyi’s kidney and liver were collected, and would have transplant to others within 8 hours to save their lives.

Yaoyi has become the 142th multi-organ donator in Shenzhen.

Yaoyi Liang Story

Here’s the reddit thread about this story:

Chinese doctors bowing down to a 11 year old boy diagnosed with brain cancer who managed to save several lives by donating his organs to the hospital he was being treated in shortly before his death. from pics

Here’s the Chinese (original) article about it:

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