Show Your Love For Mother Earth With This 3 Simple Tricks

People often think that for one to become an activist, one must go out into the streets, take up a placard and rally your way into the nearest coal plant. While that is ideal, not everyone is cut out for protesting on the streets.

But don’t lose hope. Just because you don’t find satisfaction in carrying a banner and marching your way outside does not mean you can’t help the environment. Every one of us can pitch in our own ways.

Check out these top three hacks you can incorporate in your daily routine to transform yourself into an environmentalist.

  1. Save water.

Okay, but this does not mean that you have to stop taking a bath and brushing your teeth just so you could help Mother Earth. You won’t. Instead you’d be losing friends. While it’s nice to conserve water when we do our personal hygiene, it is not the only way we can do so. Instead of leaving the sprinkler system open the whole afternoon to water the grass, turn it off and use a manual sprinkler to limit water consumption.

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  1. Reduce carbon footprint.

Sure, it’s a lot more convenient to bring a car to work but perhaps trading it with a bicycle is a better way to lessen your carbon stamp on Mother Earth and a good way to exercise too. However, it’s not the only way. Livestock farms are one of the big emitters of greenhouse gas and every time you consume meat, you support this. So trade of your pork with healthy plant-based alternatives. Not only is it great for your health, it’s a good way to be eco-friendly too.

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  1. Keep plastic out of our seas.

Or better yet, stop using plastic. But if it’s a must and could not be avoided, make sure it does not end up in our waters. Aside from the obvious problem it causes, clogging our waterways and drainages, it pollutes the water and destroys valuable marine life. So next time you head to the grocery, bring your own reusable bag instead.

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