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Seven Crafting Tools Any DIY Maker Must Have

Nowadays, simple parties and celebrations at home are very easy to do, thanks to many crafts and DIY ideas that have proliferated the Internet. But while the how-tos are very easy to follow and doable, crafters know that aside from the idea, tools and materials also help make a DIY project successful. So if you’re an expert crafter or looking to begin your own DIY project, check out this list of tools that comes very handy in any of your upcoming crafts and handmade pieces.

1. Sharpie Pens

These assorted colored markers are a staple in any crafter’s toolbox. The different pointed pens and bases (water-based, oil-based, etc.) are versatile and give you a lot of options when it’s time to customize your mug, sneakers, shirts and pretty much anything you could think of!

staples-fine-multi-color-markersimage source

2. Glue Gun

This tool goes a long way in any DIY maker’s handy box. From sticking things to paper, cloth, wood, Styrofoam and metal, a glue gun is a good way to put adhesives on your projects. Just make sure that your glue gun has two temperature settings – high and low settings so that it could be used on a wide variety of surfaces.

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3. Crop-A-Dile

This handy tool help one create precise hole punches, snaps and grommets. It could also make eyelet patterns for your DIY lace paper. The Crop-A-Dile puncher could be used on paper, metal, chipboard, cloth, leather and pretty much any material you need to punch holes on. Perfect for your scrapbooks, bookmarks, tags, invitations and other home decorations.

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4. Acrylic Paint

This type of paint is versatile as it could be used on different types of surfaces. It could be used on Styrofoam as a replacement for poster paint, canvas instead of oil paints and even wood materials. Great for any craft projects ranging from home décor, hobby painting and even furniture.

acrylics-alyicestudio71image source

5. Construction Paper (Craft Paper)

Normally used on elementary school projects, this all-around paper is great for DIY invitations and scrapbook ideas. Better stock up on multi-colors because you never know which color you’d like to use up next.

image source

6. Set of Paint Brushes

While paint brushes are commonly used to paint, these crafty tool is now also used as an alternative to glue and Mod Podge applicator. It is also sometimes utilized as a dust brush to keep those tiny flecks away.

51zBvGWSIbL._SY300_image source

7. Mod Podge

This all-around product acts as an adhesive, sealant and gloss in many kinds of materials. Whether you’d be using it to stick together delicate textiles such as lace or you intend to add a bit of shiny finish to wood or glass, Mod Podge has the solution to your crafting needs.

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