Self-Taught Street Photographer Takes Amusing Photos of Everyday Life In Chinese City

Street photography is perhaps one of the most challenging styles of taking photos. The photographer must be able to capture that single moment when the mundane becomes significant. One has to have that eye in mixing unique details with familiar and common things to give their audience a deeper experience of everyday life around us.

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One street photographer from China was able to develop these skills and has captured life on the streets in a very vivid and quirky manner. 32-year old Tao Liu is a water-meter reader by profession. Everyday at 8:30 am, he would head off around the city to read water consumption from meters. But during his breaks and after work, armed with a Fuji X100, he scours the streets of the Chinese city of Hefei to capture everyday life from his perspective.

tao liu 2

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Liu was inspired by the work of Japanese photographer Daido Moriyama and even bought a Fuji camera because it was what the Japanese photographer uses. He taught himself photography concepts bought books about digital photography in thrift bookstores. He also watched videos of photographers found in YouTube to learn more, even paying for a subscription to have an Internet proxy elude the censorship rules imposed on the Internet by their government.

tao liu 3

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Liu became an overnight sensation in China as soon as samples of his work hit social network, Weibo. His post has been shared 40,000 times already and his fame has reached as far as Taiwan as one photographer from that country sent him a message of praises for his work.

His works make fun of things such as urbanization and commercialization in the city of Hefei. Liu is also great at capturing that decisive moment when every element of the photo just fit together. Whether he is just at the right place and at the right time, Liu’s works are pure genius.

tao liu 6

tao liu 11

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