See What The World’s Most Loyal Dog Is Doing In China

The story of a Chinese man and his canine friend is one proof why dogs are called, “man’s best friend.”

Ma’nao is a shoe shiner in the town of Magou in China. He has been living with his dog, ‘Big Yellow’ for the past four decades. He is also a widower and has no children.

Ma’nao is hardworking and industrious. Everyday he travels for an hour from where he lives to his shoeshine stall with the help of Big Yellow. You see, Ma’nao is disabled, having suffered from polio at the tender age of six and has lost the use of his legs. He moves around town through a wheelchair he created himself with Big Yellow as his companion.

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But the loyal dog does not only keep him company. Big Yellow helps Ma’nao get around by pushing his wheelchair with his head or paws whenever the 68-year old man gets tired.  Not only that, the faithful canine also keeps her dad warm by curling at his feet whenever the temperature gets too cold for Ma’nao to handle.

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The two are inseparable most of the times. As food is scarce for both of them, Big Yellow would often visit restaurants in town while her dad eats his paltry lunch. Because the duo is a permanent fixture on the streets of their town, the loyal dog is already known by restaurant owners and locals and is often given scraps to eat. Soon as she’s done with her daily route, Big Yellow would go back to the shoe shine stall and keep her dad company.

Since the story went viral, the Chinese government has already approached Ma’nao to give him his monthly subsidy and a new wheelchair. With this the two best friends could now eat a better meal for themselves and commute easier to work.

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The story of Ma’nao and Big Yellow only proves that friendship could cross boundaries, and yes, even species.

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