See How Many Inventions Back To The Future Predicted Came True In 2015

In 1989, Universal Pictures came out with the sci-fi rom-com Back To The Future II, a sequel to Back To The Future featuring Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd and Lea Thompson. In the film, Fox, who played Marty McFly, travelled to the futuristic year of 2015. Accompanied by Dr. Emmett “Doc” Brown, portrayed by Lloyd, the two went on to see inventions that were predicted to only happen in the year 2015.

Now, as we welcome 2015, let us go back to the film’s fearless forecasts and see how many actually came true.

A video-call made by an older Marty McFly to a colleague is reminiscent of Skype and other phone chat applications we have now. The call, which was done on a flat screen TV is also not far from the LED screens we have available now.

bttf 1image source

The prediction that three-dimensional films would be available in 2015 was also not far-fetched. While McFly’s encounter with the shark in Jaws 3-D seem to real for comfort, current 3-D films are also made so the images seem to jump at the viewers from the screen.

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It also seemed that the makers of the film had the Google Glass in mind when a young Marty was seen donning a hi-tech looking specs at the breakfast table. However, in his case, the eyewear was used to answer a phone call.

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While some noteable inventions in the movie seem quite accurate, many things still remain to be invented. One example is the Hoverboard. As soon as kids saw the flying skateboard’s debut on the movie, many secretly hope that some company would bring it to life. However, more than two decades since the film came out, not a single prototype of the flying board has been released, much to the fans’ disappointment.

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The lace-up sneakers also did not make it along with the automatically fitting clothes and the flying cars.  On the other hand, the microwaveable pizza, which showed a tiny, round pie get big after popping out from the oven, was a near miss. While we still do not have a dehydrated pizza available, the meal resemble a lot of microwaveable ready-to-eat dishes one can find nowadays.

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