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SEE: Dumbest. Posts. Ever! These 18 Crazy And Dumb Posts Will Make You Laugh So Hard! #15 And 17 Are So Overly Stupid


You can’t be dumberer that this dumbest post ever, unless you are officially dumb! Check these 18 posts or images at your own laughing risk! I warned you already!

Misspelled Word Gone Wrong


Finding Something At The Shadows?

Tennis Racket

Did She Mean Cornrows?


How Does Your Ovary Act?

Ovary Act

Green Apple



Metal Pausing

Oh My Australia!


New York, New York.

New York

Escalator and Elevator, Know The Difference?

Escalator and Elevator

Great Wall Of Michigan?


Define: Outhale?


Ever Heard Of A Pregnant Baby?

Pregnant Baby

Misspelled Word Gone Wrong, Part 2


Is This A New Breed of Bird?

Turtle Bird

I Knew It, Titanic Is Fake!


Eiffel Tower In New Jersey?

Eifel Tower

I Wonder If Those  Thermometers Are Used Or Brand New

Rectal Thermometer

This Is Beyond Dumb, For Real!

Cremating Pet


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