Rugby Player Visits Little Girl In The Hospital With Heineken cup. This Is The Best Photo Ever!

Back in 2012, a picture of rugby player, Brian O’Driscoll visiting a girl at the hospital went viral. The picture speaks thousand words, no doubt that even after two years it continues to capture people’s heart.

Brian O’Driscoll 1image source

This picture was actually taken in 2011 during his team, Leinster visit to Temple Street Children’s Hospital. The girl (in the picture) is Michaela Morley, was 5 year old at time, and was waiting for a kidney transplant. On December of same year, Michaela was operated; she is now living hale and hearty.

O’Driscoll and Michaela were reunited the following year after Leinster defended the trophy.

Brian O’Driscoll 2image source

O’Driscoll has visited Temple Street’s kids many times during his career. He has been a big supporter of the hospital.

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