Reuse Your Coffee Grounds in 5 Ways

Coffee is not just a good pick-me-upper. This aromatic drink has more than one use for its coffee grounds. Check out the list below and see what other ways you can reuse your used grounds at home.

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1. Fertilizer

Many flower-growing plants love the acid that comes from coffee. So the next time you’re done with your fresh brew, mix the used grounds with dry grass, brown leaves or a bit of soil to temper its acidity a bit and then proceed to place it on the base of your plants. It is also a good source of potassium and nitrogen which the soil needs to give the plants the proper nutrients it need.

Not drinking coffee today? That’s okay! Some coffee shops give away their used grounds for free. Check out the nearest Starbucks in your place and ask the barista for some help.

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2. Deodorizer

Same as baking soda, coffee is a good odor absorber. Just get a small container, pour your used grounds, cover it with mesh wire so it won’t make a mess (although keeping it open is another alternative too), and stack it at the back of your fridge. Just be sure to change it every three days.

3. Exfoliating scrub

The caffeine in coffee is good for brightening skin and using it as an exfoliating scrub not only removes dead skin cells which gives a glow to the body, it also encourages blood circulation for a healthy–looking skin.

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4. Pest Repellent

Keep ants, slugs and snails from your plants by sprinkling the soil around them with used coffee ground. You can also mix the coffee with orange or lemon peel to keep the flies away.

5. Household Cleanser

Instead of using a powdered soap to clean your kitchen tiles and countertops, sprinkle used (or fresh) coffee grounds on the tiles and scrub it using a sponge or cloth. Just be gentle when scrubbing so it won’t leave scratch marks on surfaces that are sensitive.

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