21 Cute Tiny Houses That You Won’t Actually Believe Exist. #6 and 20 Are Remarkable!

Tetsu Tree House, Japan

They might look small but the ease and comfort they give to the owners are truly remarkable. Check out this list of 21 small houses that are complete with basic features and amenities that you can ask for.

1. Tumbleweed Tiny House

Tumbleweed Tiny House

2. Fairy-tale home, Minnesota

Fairytale Home

3. $11,000 Japanese-style forest home

$11,000 Japanese-style forest home

4. $15,000 eco home, Japan

$15,000 eco home, Japan

5. $1,200 repackable A-frame home

A Frame Home

6. Balancing House In Serbia

Balancing House In Serbia

7. Beautiful Tiny House On Wheels

Beautiful Tiny House On Wheels

8. Casa do Penedo In Portugal

Casa do Penedo, Portugal

9. Dome House, Thailand

Dome House In Thailand

10. Floating dream home

Floating dream home

11. Hobbit hillside house

Hobbit hillside house

12. Homemade recycled house

Homemade recycled house

13. Microhouse On Wheels

Microhouse On Wheels

14. Modern treehouse, Los Angeles

Modern treehouse, Los Angeles

15. Modern-style low-impact house

Modern-style low-impact house

16. Multiple-story tiny home

Multiple-story tiny home

17. Elegant Shipping Container House

Shipping Container House

18. Sky loft tower home, California

Sky loft tower home, California

19. Solar-powered tiny house, Sweden

Solar-powered tiny house, Sweden

20. Tetsu Tree House, Japan

Tetsu Tree House, Japan

21. Tiny House With Complete Amenities Costing $11,000

Tiny House With Amenities

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