Read What This 14-Year Old Girl Gave His Divorced Father For Christmas

Divorces are never easy. Aside from broken relationships, the emotional and psychological impacts of the dissolution of marriage often hit not just the couple but the whole family. Often times, kids are hit the hardest and they live their lives carrying the pain of their parent’s separation even until they have grown up.

But last Christmas, a 14-year old wrote his father who recently got divorced from her mom a very sweet letter as a present. The man adopted his daughter from his ex-wife’s first marriage a decade ago. The note, which was posted by user nuthabrickindawall in Imgur, has already gone viral and posted many times.

It seemed to be his daughter’s way of cheering her up during the first time he’d spend the festive season as a divorcee. The Imgur user mentioned how his wife got a divorce early the past year, describing it as, “tearing our family apart and breaking my heart.”

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Written in a white paper designed with handmade green and red stars as borders, his daughter wrote, “I know the divorce has been hard on us, but I feel like it has brought us closer together. I feel like I could really tell you anything now.” The teenager added, that she “feels most relaxed and comfortable” when she is spending time with her father in his house. The note ended with an exclamation of, “I love you so much Daddy!!”

It may be a tough time for the man but the note definitely made it a lot easier for him. He noted, “my heart is exploding with pride and joy.” It definitely is a great present to any parent, that while a note may not cost much, the effort to put into words her feelings and let her dad know how much she loves him and cares for him, especially during the holidays is priceless.

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