Police Dog From California Get Promoted To Detective

It’s always great to see members of our police force get promoted. It means a lot to know that their hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed.

Recently, the Escondido Police Department in California took to their social media to announce that one of their diligent officers have been promoted to a detective post. Of course, many are happy for this newly-minted detective and could not wait to see him in action.

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Meet detective Jena.

The 8-year old German Shepherd has been working for the Escondido Police Station since 2010. Jena’s first role was as a Patrol K9 and was very diligent in her duties. She would accompany police officers as they search for suspects, arrest violent offenders and sniff for drugs and other illegal narcotics. She has worked more than 1000 crime scenes and has located drugs in suspects more than a hundred times in the past five years that she was an officer.

Jena is perhaps one, if not the most successful drug dog from the station. While some patrol dogs retire early because of health issues, Jena is still on her prime and is very excited to do her duties. Perhaps, one of the reasons also that she was promoted to a detective post is for the station to help lessen her burden of patrolling which could be very demanding physically.

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The K-9 dogs are usually out as they must be on the field or in training. This makes it difficult for detectives who need the help of dogs in their work with most of the four-legged officers out. With Jena being promoted, she would now spend most of her time in the station, busy with detective work.

But perhaps the best part of Jena’s promotion is that her handler got promoted too! Now both could continue working against crime together.

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