Paris Crowd Singing John Lennon’s “Imagine” Will Move You

Ever since the brutal terrorist attack in a weekly satire magazine headquarters that left 17 people dead in Paris, many exceptional things have been happening as people continue to show their condemnation and indignation at the act.

On Tuesday morning, after the names of the fallen were read and a moment of silence was given in honor of their deaths, the French Parliament broke into a spontaneous rendition of the country’s national anthem, “La Marseillaise.” It has been a hundred years since the song was sung in the said chamber.

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It was their way of calling out for unity and solidarity during a dark time in Paris’ history.

But perhaps, the most remarkable thing that happened in the nation still reeling for a terror attack happened outside the four walls of that building and involved many civilians.

Last Sunday, a huge crowd gathered at the nation’s capital to hold a Unity rally in honor of the 17 victims of the Charlie Hebdo attack. More than two million people went to the streets, including 40 world leaders to join hands in a public demonstration that is calling for peace and unity everywhere.

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While the crowd was on the streets, someone played John Lennon’s “Imagine” through a window. Unbidden, the crowd began to sing the strains of the song in a moment that will forever be etched in the hearts and minds of the people present and those watching them.

When the famous line, “I hope someday you’ll join us and the world will live as one,” came about, everyone could feel the power of song. When the song ended, the crowd applauded and continued on the streets. But the hope and promise of a future at peace would remain in them.

Watch the video of the crowd singing John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ below:

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