It’s Otterly adorable! A loving pair of Otters holds Hands while taking a Nap to Stop them Floating Apart in their Slumber

Sea otters are marine mammal which can be found on the coasts of the Northern Pacific Ocean. They are the largest member of the weasel family. They have the densest fur in the whole animal kingdom, ranging from 250,000 to one million hairs per square inch. Now that’s a lot of fur!

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Sea otters often eat, rest, and sleep together while floating in groups called rafts. A raft may have a few otters or hundreds. It is well known that they will all hold hands to stay together in their group.

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Mother sea otters usually give birth to one baby, or pup, a year. The mother uses her body as the pup’s crib! She carries the baby on her chest until it’s about two months old.

A sea otter pup has a built-in “life jacket,” a special coat of extra-thick fur that makes it float. By the time the pup is about two months old, it has shed its float coat and is learning to swim and dive in its new “grown-up” fur.

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