This Is Not Your Ordinary Pancake, Its An Art and Daddy Made It!

Who would have thought that you can make a very special kind of art, its medium? Pancake!

Nathan Shields is the creative artist who loves to cook these pancakes who is also an illustrator, math teacher and professional dad.  His family is currently living in Washington State, but he began entertaining my kids with silly pancakes during our adventure in Saipan.

I’ve never seen anything so cool – I wonder how long it took him to learn how to do all the shading! They look so good, you almost wouldn’t want to eat it, but the good thing about pancake batter is that you can always start all over again! Check out his amazing videos:

The Beatles Pancakes

The Olaf Pancake

The Making of Pangraph

The Pancake Flute

*videos credit: Nathan Shields via

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