Must Watch: 4-year-old’s Dream Job Delivered by UPS

Few more days before Christmas and UPS, a delivery company, just know the perfect way to prep us up. On December 1, UPS revealed their new holiday commercial highlighting a story of a friendship between a 4-year-old boy and one of their truck drivers.

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4-year-old boy named Carson was born with high sensitivity to milk that required him to take a special type of formula. Every week Ernest Lagasca, UPS driver, deliver Carson’s formula on their doorsteps. Eventually the boy build a strong friendship with his local driver and grew interest with trucks.

“He loved trucks. He would sit in the window when I drove by and over time, I started honking and waving,” Lagasca explained. “It got to the point where he’d hear the truck coming and be waiting on the curb.”

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As part of UPS’ holiday season promotion which encourages people to share their wishes, UPS made Carson a truck of his size and send it through Lagasca. In the video below you will see how happy he was when he saw his early Christmas gift.

Carson is expected to ride his mini UPS truck and deliver cookies and muffins around their neighborhood once a week.

“Thank you UPS for making my baby’s wish happen with one of the greatest role models yet of his little life, Mr. Earnie, it’s the little things, the small acts of kindness from the heart that make the most impression. No matter what Carson chooses to do in life, he will always remember the little things and the special people mattered most…” Her mother Karen wrote in her Facebook account.

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