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Must-Have Smartphone Apps to Make Life Easier

The best smartphone on the current market is not the one with the most mind-blowing specs or popular brand name, but a unit that suits your personal needs or preferences. The truth is there’s no perfect smartphone as each one comes with its own set of strong and weak points.

Fortunately, there are tons of free and paid apps that may be downloaded and installed on your smartphone. Many of them can make your life easier. So if you just got your hands on a smartphone and you want to take advantage of it to make your life easier, continue reading to know some of the apps it should never be without.

Magazine and News App

Rather than search for the most relevant pieces of information everyone is clamoring for, this kind of app brings all of them to you. Look for something that allows you to choose the categories you like — politics, technology, fashion, money, etc. With a good magazine and news app on your smartphone, you’re always in the know.

E-Book Reader

Especially if you like to travel lightly, installing a good e-book reader app on your smartphone is definitely a smart move. It saves you from the need to stash a thick paperback novel in your carry-on. Look for an app versatile enough to read an assortment of file types, from old-school PDF documents to comic books with the CBR extensions.

Extensive Note-Taking App

With a smartphone in your pocket, you don’t need to grab a pen and a piece of paper each time you need to jot down or remember something. Install a good note-taking app on your device to ensure that you can record and recall anything in a snap. Look for something that allows you to attach photos and audio clips too.

A Versatile Office Suite

No matter if you’re a student, office worker or entrepreneur, having a top-notch office suit in your smartphone can come in very handy. The right app to go for is the one that allows you to create and edit documents, spreadsheets and even slide presentations. With a really good office suite, you don’t have to take your laptop with you always.

Cloud Storage App

Access to important digital files is possible anytime and anywhere for as long as you have internet access and a cloud storage app installed on your smartphone. This must-have allows you to upload photos, music, documents, contact details and other essential files to a cloud storage, as well as access or retrieve any one of them when needed.

Map and GPS Navigation App

Having this app in your smartphone means you never have to get lost again. The best app of the kind on the market can locate where you are and guide you where you want to go. Something capable of downloading maps means you don’t constantly need access to the internet to be able to find your way from point A to point B.

What other smartphone apps you cannot live without? Do share and help others use their smartphones to make their lives easier.


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