Mom Wage War Against Offensive Graffiti, Transform Messages Into Something Uplifting

On the walls of the distant city of Iqaluit in Canada, a battle is raging and it’s not what you think it is.

Unsavory and rude graffiti are splattered on the walls of this town for everyone to see. Everyday, Janet Brewster had to put up with walking along the streets surrounded by the angry graffiti. She had to put up with the negativity that surrounded the message and the fact that it has become an eyesore.

mom graffiti 1  image source

But not anymore.

One day, Brewster was walking with her son when the child asked her to explain a writing on the wall. That was the last straw. She could not take another day explaining bad things and influences to her son anymore. She would not take another day of putting up with those negative graffiti anymore. It’s time to fight back.

So armed with a can of black and white spray paint, she set to work.

The mother of one sprayed over the offensive words written on the wall to change its messages. Negative words were drawn over so that something positive and uplifting jumps out of the wall instead of the cynical and harmful ones it used to have.

mom graffiti 2image source

Curses and obscenities were transformed into loving messages and encouraging drawings. The nastiness was turned into niceness. And the angry into something happy.

Brewster knew how negative messages impact a person’s general outlook in life so she took it upon herself to rid the town of those harmful thoughts. She hoped that by transforming the bad into something good, the negative into positive and the ugly into something beautiful, people who come across her new revisions to the messages would be encouraged.

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