Miracle Mom: A Story Of A Lady Who Got Pregnant Even She Was Long Told She Was Infertile

29-year-old, Jessie McDonalds, was born with a rare genetic condition, campomeic dysplasia, a condition that affected the development of her skeleton and reproductive system. She was told by many doctors that she is infertile long before.

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Jessie did not want to let her condition stop her from living so she decided to sign up to a dating site to make new friends. There, she met her partner for two months Emad, 33.

After few months of dating, Emad had a gut feeling that Jessie could be pregnant and so he forced her to take a pregnancy test. It took 10 home pregnancy tests to convince her that she might be carrying a baby and even after confirmation by a doctor she still struggled to believe it.

”I flipped. I just didn’t believe it at all. It probably took me three months to really believe it, and even then I thought it was going to be a really rocky road and it was unlikely she was going to make it because of my body,” she said.

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Because of her condition, Jessie was warned of the risks she and her unborn child would go through. She underwent weekly monitoring to check her lungs and heart, while the baby was checked with the ultrasound.

At 33 weeks, Jessie planned to deliver her baby through a caesarean procedure because she became very short of breath. During the process a pediatric team was on standby in case the baby would have breathing problems.

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On March 13, 8:05 a.m., baby girl, Alison was born without complication. Tests also confirmed that she did not inherit her mom’s condition.

”When I woke up after giving birth I kept telling everyone, ‘All my dreams have come true, how did that happen? Did you see her, she’s perfect,”’ Jessie said. ”I was worried something would go horribly wrong. Beautiful man, beautiful baby – it was everything I thought I would never have.” She added.

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Jessie and Emad are now engaged!

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