Man Wore Sandwich Board for A Year to Find Kidney Donor for Dying Wife

Larry Swilling – a 78 year-old husband who walked the roads of Anderson County, S.C., with a sandwich board proclaiming “Need Kidney 4 Wife” -can now put down his sign.

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After a year of carrying a sandwich board and walking the streets of his hometown in Carolina, he received news that the Medical University of South Carolina found a donor who could donate a kidney to his wife.

I knew it was going to happen, because I know Larry. He wouldn’t stop until he got me one,” said Jimmie Sue, his proud wife.

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His wife, Jimmie Sue, 76, was born with only one kidney. She was told by the doctor that her existing kidney was failing to function properly and she would need a new one to replace it soon. Since Jimmie was not compatible to receive a kidney from her husband or three children she had to wait for a suitable organ.

With the help of media, the board Larry was carrying got the attention of many and most of them came forward to help, unfortunately, none of them match.

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Until came, Kelly Weaverling – a retired Navy Lieutenant Commander who heard about the couple’s story and offered to be part of life saving operation.

It’s good to do something and give these people hope,” she said

The operation was successful and the couple is so happy and grateful that they cannot thank Kelly enough for her gift.

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