Man Sings Song To Comfort Mom With Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s is a very devastating disease. Not only does it affect the one afflicted, but it also tears through the family members of those diagnosed and anyone else it touches. There’s no curing this heartbreaking  malady. And often times, those diagnosed slowly slip away as one by one they lose memories, living but leaving everyone behind.

So with this, it is quite hard to imagine what Joe Fraley must have been thinking and feeling when he recorded this video. Joe’s mother is suffering from Alzheimer’s and most days do not know him anymore. He wanted to comfort her so he decided to sing a song for his mom.

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Joe uploaded the video on YouTube, where he explained that he used to sing for his mother when she was still feeling well. His mother was his biggest fan. The video showed a tender moment between mother and son as Joe tries to be upbeat for his mother while he comforted her fears. The video’s caption in his YouTube account read, “This is a video of me playing a song to my Mom who has Alzheimer’s. I shot this a few days before my family took my mother into a home. I was apprehensive about posting it because it was so personal and showed my mom at her worst. But I hope this video promotes awareness of this horrible disease.”

Joe’s mother seemed very content and happy to hear her son sing. The video captured her beaming to her son and bobbing her head to his music. At one point in the clip, Joe’s mother, who seemed very confused the whole time, but somehow recognizes him, said, “I don’t know where we are Joe.” To which Joe replied, “Well, we’re right here, right now. It’s beautiful”

In his Reddit account, Joe shared how his mother’s condition continue to worsen and leaves her mind muddled on most days. “My mom currently is in a stage where she wanders endlessly looking for her home. It’s too hard for me to play songs to someone who I considered to be my biggest fan and them leave the room during. At least at this moment. But once that stops I’ll most likely start bringing my guitar again and continue to sing to her.”

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