This Man Keep Abandoned Cats Alive By Feeding Them Daily In War-Stricken Syria

When war strikes, it’s not only humans that become refugees of the conflict. Most times, pets and other animals are affected by it too.

Syria has one of the bloodiest and most violent civil wars in modern history. This has caused a lot of citizens and residents to flee from the fighting and take refuge in faraway places. Moving out to a safer place oftentimes involve packing whatever is necessary and abandoning many things behind to leave in the still of the night.

Masaken Hanano 1  image source

And while in most times, material possessions are the only ones left behind, that is not always the case. Sometimes, you leave your pets too.

And that is what happened Masaken Hanano, a town in Aleppo.

Most of the city has been deserted when residents fled to avoid the bombings of forces loyal to President Bashar Al-Assad as they endeavor to seize power from the rebels that have turned away.

Since then, 150 or so abandoned cats roam the city in search for food.

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Ambulance driver, Alaa, did not have the heart to leave them neglected. Everyday, the kind-hearted man takes $4 out of his pocket to buy meat for the starving and deprived cats. He has been doing it for the past two months without fail.

The cats have come to depend on Alaa’s daily kindness. They roam the abandoned town every day and wait for Alaa’s arrival bearing food. These cats have survived because of one man’s charity.

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In a world where violence is rampant, it’s always nice to find someone who takes time to care for others, humans and animals alike.

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