Little Hero: Boy Stops Traffic To Rescue Dog Hit By Car

A brave 11-year-old boy from Brazil named Jean Fernandes risked his life to rescue a dog that had been hit by a car.

According to Brazilian outlet Globo Rural reports, Jean ran in the middle of busy street to pick up the injured dog who was hit by a driver. The incident was captured by photographer Rafaela Martins and was featured at Brazil’s News Agency of Animal Rights Facebook page on December 10 2013.

dog rescuer 3

“He managed to escape through the gate and I ran after him. By the time I saw him hit he was in the middle of the street. I took him in my arms and brought him home,” Jean told Guarda-So

Not long enough, Jean’s good deed inspired many people in different social media. His story was also featured in different website all over the globe.

dog rescuer 1

Aline Ropelli, one of his admirers said “This little boy is already larger than many men.”

According to BioBioChile, The dog named Mel (Honey in English translation) was sent to a local animal control center and was given an intensive care.

*photo credits: Rafaela Martins

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