List Of Very Unusual Diseases That You Will Never Expect They Have!

“Death exists, not as the opposite but as part of life” – Toru, pg.33, Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami

It is true that death is an inevitable phenomenon that can strike any living, anytime, for any reasons. One and predominantly cause of death is diseases. There are millions of unfamiliar and strange diseases in the world that can bring death.

Here’s a list of some diseases which you could have and not know about it till it is too late!

1. Cornu Cutaneum: This disease refers to the strange horns that you sporadically grow. These horns are technically tumors that are made of keratin- same component found in nails and hair. The horns can be removed with a sterile razor.

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2. Kuru: A very rare fatal disease that develops as a result of cannibalism. This is typically more prevalent in the New Guinea region where this ritual is performed as part of a funeral rite, in which the tissues of dead people, especially the brain, were consumed. Specific symptoms of kuru include trouble swallowing, trouble walking, tremors and muscle jerking and lack of coordination. Another sign of Kuru is malnutrition and starvation. It is said that about 1,100 people died from Kuru during the 1950s and 60s. There is no treatment for kuru in 2010 but because of government intervention and a wide-spread effort to end cannibalism, Kuru has now mostly disappeared.

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3. Paraneoplastic pemphigus (PNP): Though there are many forms of pemphigus, paraneoplastic pemphigus is the least common and most serious. PNP is a rare autoimmune bullous disease that causes blistering. Keratinocytes, which are what make up the epidemus, separate from each other, leaving gaps. Many times the gaps become filled with fluid peel off, leaving the skin raw and open to infection. These blisters usually appear in the mouth, throat, lips, and random places on the skin. The disease is also extremely fatal, as 90% of those diagnosed with the disease die due to sepsis, multi-organ failure, or cancer that caused the disease.

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4. Trimethylaminuria: commonly called Fish odor syndrome. It is a genetic disease which makes you smell scent of rotting fish. No amount of bathing or cleaning will help you get rid of it. It is link to metabolism, which interferes with the body’s ability to break down trimethylamine — which builds up and is excreted through saliva, sweat and urine. It becomes noticeable in the later stages of life as symptoms fluctuate with your diet.

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5. Fatal familial insomnia: When this disease strikes, you’ll not only suffer from the inability to sleep at night but you’ll lose tons of weight, get panic attacks, have hallucinations and eventually die. This inherited condition is untreatable, and usually kicks in at about the age of 50. Though this disease is genetic, one can also be infected with the mutant variant that is not genetic: sporadic fatal insomnia. It’s a drawn out death sentence over the course of 7-18 months, with no cure. Sleeping pills make it worse and speed up the disease.

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6. Cancrum Oris: commonly called Noma, is gangrene of the face, and rampant to children more often than adults. This disease eats away tissues and musculature around your jaws. More than 80% of those affected by the disease die. It is caused by an opportunistic infection that affects people who are malnourished, have unclean drinking water, poor dental hygiene, and live in close proximity to farm animals. It is especially prevalent to immuno-compromised, like HIV+ kids growing up in southern Africa.

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7. Pica: A psychological disorder where people eat non-nutritious things. So basically this disease makes you crave, but not for things that are actually considered food. It makes you want to eat dirt, plaster, paint chips, plastics or rock. It’s incredibly poorly understood what causes it, and the treatments are likewise nebulous and poorly defined. It is the same disease depicted in The Strange Connection.

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8. Exploding Head Syndrome: This is a disorder that causes you to hear crazy loud noises or see flashes of light that aren’t there. One of the sufferers explained it as the noise as if head will burst open. It occurs possibly in response to stress and can develop at any point of time. It generally happens when you are about to sleep. However, this disease is not fatal.

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9. Fecal Vomiting: This disorder will literally make you vomit up fecal matter. It is caused by intestinal blockage which hinders the food to go all the way through the system. And so, instead of going out to your rectum, it starts to back up, slowly pushing its way back into the stomach, where your body tries to get rid of it. And the only way out is up. The vomit isn’t technically feces, but it’s partly digested food.

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10. Elephantiasis: One of classic disease, which causes massive thickening of the skin and underlying tissue, usually affecting the legs and male genitalia. It caused by a number of parasitic worms, particularly Wuchereria bancrofti. It is predicted to be all but eradicated by 2020.

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11. Porphyria: An incurable genetic disease, the symptoms of which align perfectly with those ascribed to vampires. Sufferers avoid bright light because it hurts their eyes irritates their skin. Their skin tightens and shrinks, and when this occurs around the mouth, the canine teeth appear to be more prominent, suggestive of fangs. Sufferers have discolored skin and very pale appearance, fittingly garlic exacerbates these symptoms, so it should be avoided at all costs. Their urine is also reddish color, which led some to believe those with porphyria drank blood. Some people with the disease did, in fact, drink blood to replace missing chemicals in their system.

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