The Largest Land Vehicle in the World

We’ve seen large trucks and trailers and most them we can see in the truck shows. But this vehicle can’t be seen in those shows for it has its own location for its purpose.

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It is called the BAGGER 288. The excavator was built by a German company, Thyssenkrupp formerly named as Krupp, for  another firm with business line of mining and energy called Rheinbraun. This vehicle is a strip mining machine that weighs around 45,500 tons. Its primary purpose is to remove layers of top soil for mining.

This 311 foot high & 705 foot long bucket wheel excavator can scoop 240,000 tons of coal per day in Tagebau Hambach (Hambach Strip Mine) which it was placed for the monster vehicle’s operation. It took 5 years to design and  manufacture the Bagger 288 and took another 5 years to build it. The cost… $100 million

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Earlier we said that this vehicle can dig coals, it can dig around 100 million tons of coals per year. Those coals were used to produce energy for Germany. Bagger 288 is hugely amazing.

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