Lack Of Space Inspires Chinese School To Build Running Tracks On Its Roof

An elementary school in Tiantai, in Zhejiang Province of China, decided to build a 200-meter running track on its roof because there wasn’t enough land available on the campus grounds.

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“Under the circumstances that limited land cannot provide enough space for students to exercise in, we chose to challenge the concept that playgrounds and tracks have to be on the ground,” said chief architect Ruan Hao.

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The 3,000 square meters roof-track is enjoyed by 1,600 students and had earned worldwide recognition. In fact it was China’s entry at the 14th Venice Architecture Exhibition this year. The track is surrounded with three (3) protective layers – A green belt sandwiched by six foot tall glass wall on the very outer edge and a 4 foot tall close to the track. They also installed surveillance cameras to monitor student activity.

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As the province of Zhejiang develops into a city, many middle and elementary schools have been surrounded by high-story buildings consuming the lands for student physical activities. Since the schools are unable to expand they make use of the limited resources they have. It turns out School’s rooftop the best place for other educational activities.

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Many schools around the county had adopted the rooftop trend. Hanzhou Anji Road Experimental School has turned their rooftop into a small green garden where student and teacher can rest after their classes, while, a kindergarten in Jinan constructed a “playground in the sky” on the third floor roof.

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