Know Why This Man Wore Tacky Green Dress To His Best Friend’s Funeral

Barry Delaney attended his best friend, Private Kevin Elliott funeral wearing neon green dress matching it with pink socks.

Before Private Kevin Elliot left to join the troops of British soldiers in Afghanistan, he and his best friend, Barry Delaney jokingly made an agreement that when one of them die, the other has to wear a bright green dress to the funeral.

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While Kevin was in Afghanistan, he remained in contact with Barry. Their friendship was even more strengthened as they spend their lives away.

Three years later, August 31 2009, Kevin’s family received a call informing them that Kevin was killed while on patrol at the Babaji District of Helmand province in Afghanistan.

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On September 2009, as promised Barry squeezed into a tight green dress paired it high pink socks and walk into his best friend funeral.

“Kev was like my brother – we would have done anything for each other,” Barry told the Daily Record newspaper. “It (promise) was mainly his idea and the more I think about it, I’m sure Kevin knew something was going to happen.” He added.

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Kevin and Barry’s tale have touched many lives and there’s no doubt that even after five (5) years ago of Elliot’s passing, the story of a man who walk into his best friend’s funeral in a green dress is still making its way around the web.

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