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Items Every Home Should Have

Every home is different. Each one is a true reflection of its residents. However, there are certain things that all homes should have for utmost comfort, safety and happiness. Below are some of the things you should have in yours. Many of them come in handy daily while others will prove to be advantageous to have around one day.

Non-Slip Bathroom Mats

Showers and tubs are places where most falls take place. The installation of non-slip mats is beneficial for everyone, from kids to the elderly. While you’re at it, also consider installing grab bars where they matter in the bathroom.

Indoor Plants

Plants bring in a slice of nature into your abode. Lively and attractive, they can make any living space look more appealing and mood-lifting. Fret not if you don’t have a green thumb. There are lots of indoor plants that require minimal care.

A Fire Extinguisher

No matter how careful you are, accidents may still happen. Having a fire extinguisher at home is for the safety of your family as well as your property. There are different fire extinguishers available on the market. It’s a good idea to buy the multipurpose kind.

Smoke Detectors

Just like a fire extinguisher, smoke detectors help ward off deaths due to home fires. Just see to it that you check the batteries each month to make sure these nifty must-haves are working properly.

Cloth Napkins

These items come in handy at any given time, most especially when family and friends are visiting during special occasions. Cloth napkins are less wasteful and they are gentler on the skin. Using them is a great way to add a dash of style to your table setup, be it on an ordinary weekend, Thanksgiving or Mother’s Day.

Emergency Kits

No one can tell when a disaster will strike. That is why you should always be prepared for situations such as evacuating your home or staying indoors. Having emergency kits that contain medications, cleansing agents, flashlights, matches, water bottles, nonperishable foods and other essentials can save lives.

Night Lights

It’s not just kids that can benefit tremendously from night lights, but adults as well. Placing them should be done in bedrooms, hallways and other areas where you may fall or bump. These days, night lamps come in all sorts of shapes and designs, including those with integrated motion sensors.

All-Natural Cleaning Solutions

Do your share in saving the planet by opting for cleaning products with all-natural ingredients. From dishwashers, window cleaners to detergents, these products are not only good for the environment but your family’s wellbeing too.

Light Dimmers

The installation of these nifty controllers allows you to be in complete charge of the amount of light in a room, letting you create drama or just attain the brightness that you want. Light dimmers also help save electricity and extend the life of your lighting source or bulb.

A Reliable Vacuum Cleaner

Regardless if you intend to clean the carpet, couch or shelves, having a top-notch vacuum allows you to carry out the task flawlessly. Invest in something that comes with an impressive suction power. It’s also a good idea to go for a machine that’s lightweight and comes with an assortment of attachments.

Any other item you feel that should be present in every home? Do share!


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