Inseparable Twins Passed Away Two Hours Apart On Christmas Day

Perhaps one of the things that make twins unique is the special connection they have with each other. While ordinary siblings may experience a very close relationship, twins often times share a special bond that makes them uncannily in tune with each other’s emotions and thoughts.

This bond almost always is the reason why many twins are inseparable. Such was the case with these 90-year old twins from Granite City, Illinois. Mary and Martha had been very close since they were young and often did things together. No one could really keep them apart even in death. As they were born with moments of one another, they also died just a few hours apart.

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Mary Dickson and Martha Dixon were originally from Bear Springs, Tennessee. They were on Sept. 26, 1924. The two, who had always’ depended on one another,’ even married brothers, Thomas E. Dickson and William Dixon. One of the brothers altered the spelling of his last name so he could re-enlist in the military.

Even when they were married, the two always lived close to one another. As both husbands preceded their wives, the sisters decided to live in one roof. Amy Deconci, one of the twins’ granddaughter said the two “fought like sisters, but loved each other like sisters.” She added, “They had a bond like no other.”

The twins’ cause of death was not disclosed. But family members of Mary said, “Santa Baby” was playing in the background when Mary took her last breath.

Amy expressed sadness at the loss of her grandmother. She said, “For twins to go out on the same day two hours apart – it’s like one had to take the steps to pass and help the others get through that.” She added, “Having them together was peaceful but we were brokenhearted at the same time.”

Diana Hagris, Mary’s daughter recalled a conversation she had with her mother a few weeks back. She recounted how after her father passed on, her mother would always ask her if she would “look” for another man for her. Two weeks ago, she decided to humor her mom and replied, “Mom, if you’re really good, maybe Santa will bring you one for Christmas.” Diana said, “And he did. He took her home to my dad.”

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