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Hug More to Get Happier And Healthier

A hug is one of the simplest acts of connecting to another human being. It’s something that you can easily get from a parent, sibling, friend or a romantic companion. No matter from whom you get one, the very same thing happens inside: it makes you feel warm and loved.

Embracing someone is good for you in more ways than one. The following are some of the reasons why it’s a great idea to wrap your arms around another human being starting today:

Hugging is Great for the Self-Esteem

Nothing can make you feel more wanted and special than being in the arms of someone. This kind of physical contact helps reassure yourself that someone loves you. Know someone who seems to have problems with his or her self-esteem? Now you’re acquainted with the perfect solution for it.

It Helps Get Rid of Anxiety

Hugging causes a change in the skin’s electrical resistance, thus balancing the nervous system. It’s for this reason why one effective way to reduce your anxiety is by getting an embrace from someone. Especially if the hugger is a person who really cares about you, it’s easier to feel safe and secure, allaying your worries.

Getting Embraced Bolsters the Immune System

Researches have shown that people who get a lot of hugs are less susceptible to infections. Scientists believe that it may be due to the physical contact involved or the behavioral indicator of being loved and wanted. Either way, getting lots of hugs a day may actually help keep the doctor away.

Hugging is Heart-Friendly

Being in someone’s arms makes your heart feel warm. But did you know it can actually promote better heart-health? A university study had shown that people who got embraced a lot had steadier and calmer heartbeats. Lowering your heart rate may help ward off high blood pressure and even heart disease.

It’s a Natural Stress-Buster

As soon as you get a hug from someone, the amount of the stress hormone cortisol is reduced significantly. The act also causes your muscles to relax, releasing tension. It’s just like momentarily leaving everything behind and meditating, right there in the arms of someone you trust and love.

Hugging Helps You Feel Better as You Age

Experts at the Ohio State University say that getting more physical touching such as hugging can be good most especially for adults. As you age, both your mind and body become more fragile. Giving and receiving embraces as you age helps in warding off the feeling of loneliness and fragility — promoting good physical and mental health.

Getting Hugged Makes You Feel Great

Feeling down in the dumps? Get a hug! Hugging causes the pituitary gland to release a chemical called oxytocin. Basically, what this hormone does is make you feel good. It’s for this reason why oxytocin is sometimes referred to as the “bliss hormone” or “cuddle chemical”.

Are there any other reasons why you simply cannot say no to hugs? Do share and show everyone why it’s really nice to give and receive lots of hugs!


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