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How to Deal with Toxic and Negative Co-workers: Solutions that Won’t Drain You Emotionally

When it comes to life, there are really some people who would rather exude negativity than be amiable to others. These are people who are either not liking where they are in terms of their jobs or their lives in general. They complain that their superiors were all jerks, and that they’re always being treated very poorly. Their customers are worthless and their company is soon to go down the drain. Almost every organization have people like them, and truth be told, their negativity can rub off on other people. Therefore, the best way to minimize their impact on you is to make a conscious effort to avoid them.
On the other hand, there will be times when normally positive people turn occasionally negative, and their negativity is legitimately rooted on something. Dealing with these kinds of people will be a bit different from those who are perennially mad at the entire world.
How to Deal With Occasional Negativity
1. If you’re co-workers with them, it’s best to listen to what they’re complaining about until you feel certain that they’ve felt heard and listened to. Most of the time, people who are experiencing this kind of negativity just need an egress—to vent out. You’ll soon find that their anger gets easier to dissipate once they’re able to air their concerns out.
2. Once you’ve known their concerns, decide for yourself if they have legitimate reasons to get mad or be negative. If you decided on yes, ask if they want your help in solving their issues. If they agreed, then by all means, be a good Samaritan and provide assistance.
3. There will be times when co-workers just want a listening ear. You can be one provided that you limit yourself in doing so. Constantly hearing something negative can sap you of precious energy, so you need to be really careful.
4. If you’ve heard their concerns and determined that their issues for being negative are not legit, it is best to practice some personal courage and tell them what you think. Inform them in a nice manner that you value their happiness at work, unfortunately, you don’t concur with their assessment of the situation. After this, graciously back out of any further conversations. Since you’ve disagreed with their views, their natural reaction is to get your sympathy which can lead to even more negative conversations.

How to Deal With Perennially Negative Co-workers
1. Deal with them by minimizing your personal interactions with them .You do not want their negativity to rub off on you. If you don’t want any of their dark clouds hanging over your head, then it’s best to avoid them as much as you possibly can.

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